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Why join SCIL?

SCIL membership is not required to receive services or participate in activities or events. All people with disabilities are encouraged to participate in meetings, events and join in Advocacy Activities! SCIL has a 26 year history of service and advocacy for persons with disabilities. Faced with budget cuts and reduced work schedules over the past several years, the staff at SCIL continues to provide quality services and supports to consumers in need. Here are some highlights from the Fiscal Year 2013:

    • 1,622 individuals received Direct services or Information & Referral services

    • 21 ramps and 2 porch lifts were completed utilizing various funding sources

    • 9 home modifications to provide accessibility were completed

    • 45 individuals completed Personal Assistant (PA) training and added to SCIL’s referral list

    • 35 persons with disabilities received pre-screened referrals of trained PA’s

    • 57 employers were contacted to promote the employment of persons with disabilities

    • 43 consumers received assistance & achieved improved Medicare Part D, Medicaid and/or pharmaceutical services

    • 4 local high school students had an opportunity to gain real job experience through work activities at SCIL

    • 10 support groups were sponsored

    • 35 individuals received free H1N1 vaccinations during 2 clinics hosted by SCIL in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    • Free vaccinations were available to persons with disabilities, their families and PA’s.

    • 30 persons with disabilities were able to sign up for Low Income Home Energy Assistance during the annual fall sign-up conducted at the SCIL facility.

    • 13 individuals have received assistance with reintegration from nursing homes into community living.

    Your membership will help Springfield Center for Independent Living to continue increasing opportunities for people who are disabled. We hope you believe SCIL’s mission is an important one and will join us as a member.  We look forward to our partnership as we support individuals with disabilities to control and direct their own lives as equal members of society. If you have questions about SCIL’s mission or have membership questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pete Roberts at: (217)523-2587 v/tty or scil@scil.org.

    Please mail membership form and check to:
     SCIL, 330 S. Grand Ave., West, Springfield, IL 62704

    Click here for membership form