Reserved Parking

Persons with permanent disabilities may obtain disability license plates for vehicles titled in their name. Or an immediate family member, residing in the same household, may obtain one set of plates, if the qualifying person with disabilities does not own a vehicle and must rely on someone else for transportation. There is also temporary placards issued to persons with a temporary disability for the length of time as indicated by the certifying physician, not to exceed six months. For more information contact the Secretary of State, Jesse White, License Plates/Placard Unit, 217 782-2709 or 1-800-252-2904, and for tty 1-800-261-5280. On the web:


Springfield Mass Transit District (SMTD)
217 522-5531, contact on the web is


Access Springfield (under SMTD)
217 522-5531, contact on web is

Here is the web address of the Access Springfield Boundary Map we posted online.

Sangamon-Manard Area Regional Transportation
For more information click here


American Ambulance Service Inc.
217 523-3636

Dispatch Medical Transport, Inc.
217 953-4800

Medics First
217 535-0100

R Squared Transport Inc.
217 241-2796

Senior Services of Central Illinois
217 528-4035

First Transit (non-emergency medical)


Central Illinois HIV Care Consortium
(Individuals diagnosed with HIV/Aids), 217 545-7683


Contact Ministries, 1100 E. Adams
217 753-3939

Helping Hands Health Care
(Transportation for non-emergency medical), 217 525-7069


Here and There Accessible Transport, Inc.
(to schedule a ride call 217 415-4502)
Same day and evening transportation (wheelchairs, etc.)


Illinois Department on Aging
217 785-3356 or 1-800-252-8966

Salvation Army, 530 N. 6th Street
217 525-2196


St. John's Third Age Living
217 757-6620

Angel Flight Central
(free flights in Midwest),1-866-569-9494

Air Life Line
(Children with medical needs), 1-800-474-9464

Central Illinois Public Transit. Montgomery County See Flyer
217 532-5971 or 1-800-289-5289

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